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Titanium Blue Glow in the Dark Ring (Weave)

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Glowing Rings are High Grade Titanium Rings inlayed with glow in the dark resin. These rings are strong and durable! With high grade titanium they will last for years and years! Glow in the dark makes them special and fun! These are the most unique high quality rings in the world. They will glow brightly in the dark for several minutes when charged and give off a soft warm glow for hours so that every time you look at it you can enjoy its uniqueness and remember the loved one who gave it to you. Glowing Rings make perfect wedding and engagement rings for men and women or for anyone just looking for a cool & unique ring unlike any other. 

Simply hold your Glowing Ring near any light or the UV turbo charger that comes with each ring, and it will glow in the dark brightly at first and then fade into a soft warm glow that lasts for hours! 

No more boring rings. Glowing Rings are the coolest rings in the world! You won't be disappointed!