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The hottest wedding color combos for this summer

When it comes to picking out the colors for your wedding, you have to get it right. Colors do everything from set the mood of your big day to deciding what kind of table decor will be used. Here are four unique, fabulous wedding color combinations you can use to rock your wedding:

Navy and Sage: Using navy and sage is a great way to take advantage of darker, rich green plants such as succulents if that's what you prefer. This color combo also fits well with a more vintage feel while creating a sense of nostalgia. Bridesmaid dresses can be touched up with a classy navy trim while groomsmen can rock navy sports jackets.

Electric Blue and Fuchsia: Are you and your spouse-to-be eccentric? This is the color combo for you two. The teamwork of electric blue and fuchsia will give you the opportunity to take the modern route when designing your invitations and any decorations you'll have.

Marigold and Poppy Red: This color combination is for the unapologetic. These two colors are for the bold bride and groom ready to hit the dance floor with a little spice without the clashing of some other color schemes you've seen at weddings. Poppies can be used as table decorations and even as part of the bride's bouquet.

Blush and Gold: Pretty and elegant, the blush and gold color combo one perfect for those who want a formal yet calm feel to their wedding reception. Your cutlery and table cloths don't need to be completely gold if you're not into that. A gold trim on plates and other items get the job done while blush can be used in different patterns of your choice.

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