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How to clean your Titanium Glowing Ring

Taking care of your Titanium Glowing Ring is easier than you think. It's completely worth it to take a few minutes 1-2 times a month to clean your Titanium Glowing Ring.

Before we go into how to clean your Glowing Ring, here are a few places to be cautious of due to the chemicals that are present:

  • Hospitals (hand cleaning chemicals)
  • Art studios (cleaning solution for paint brushes)
  • Beauty salon

How to clean your Titanium Glowing Ring:

  1. Wipe off any loose debris from your ring with a soft, clean towel
  2. Soak your Titanium Glowing Ring in a mild glass cleaner for 2 minutes
  3. Rinse with clean, running fresh water
  4. Air-dry

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