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How Glowing Rings black lights work

When you receive your Glowing Ring, it comes with a keychain black light to charge up your Glowing Ring. Your Glowing Ring glows in the dark after you turn on the black light and hold to your Glowing Ring. In case you were wondering how black lights work, this blog post will break it down for you.

Black lights are used in many different applications such as bowling alleys and Halloween decorations. Although black lights can look like a normal light, it can make different items glow such as white clothes and neon bowling balls.

Visible to the human eye is the dark, purplish glow given off by black lights. What isn't visible is the ultraviolet light produced by black lights. When an object glows due to the black light shining on it, it is the phosphors in the object that causes it to glow.

The phosphors in the Glowing Ring light up in response to being exposed to the radiation given off from the black light keychain. 

Carbon fiber blue ring

Do you use your black light to illuminate any other items else besides your Glowing Ring(s)? Share with us in the comments below!

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