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Four things you shouldn't wear to a wedding

Wedding are special occasions designed to celebrate the union of two human beings with memories to be captured for a lifetime. That being said, there are ways to make the wedding day more memorable for everyone. One way to accomplish this objective is knowing what you shouldn't wear to the wedding:

  • Not dressing for the appropriate weather: This tip may seem like a no-brainer to most. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this concept. Dress for the weather and time of the year. Fur coats, although fancy looking, are not appropriate during the summer time. The same thing goes for sun dresses in the winter time.
  • Depressing black: This is not a funeral. It's a wedding. While black may be classy in other settings, do not show up to the wedding in all black including black gloves.
  • Clothes that no longer fit: Don't be the guy wearing a suit that's way too big or the woman wearing a dress that grabs in uncomfortable places. When picking out what to wear for the wedding, choose clothes you can move freely in. Wear the clothes performing different movements such as sitting down on a chair to dancing. Your clothes should allow for free movement.
  • Outdoing the bride and groom: It's the big day for the bride and groom. Don't wear anything that one-up's the bridge and groom and takes attention away from them. Fairly conservative designs and color schemes tend to do the trick.

What are the most ridiculous outfits you've ever seen at a wedding? Share with us in the comments below!

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