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Five romantic proposal ideas you'll love

Your proposal story will be an experience you will share for the rest of your life with anyone  who wants to know how you convinced your spouse to tie the knot. We've compiled a list of five proposal ideas that will create memories to last forever. Here are the five ideas:

1. Treasure hunt: Create a thoughtful scavenger hunt that will take your loved one down a trip through memory from the location of your first date to the location of the first time you told him/her you loved him/her. At the end of the hunt, you'll be waiting on one knee to propose.

2. Getting food involved: Go on a picnic date to a scenic lookout. Pack a basket of your fiancé's favorite treats such as strawberries or chocolates. At the bottom of the basket, you can place the ring in its box to propose when you get to the scenic lookout.

3. Photo shoot: Schedule a photo shoot with your favorite photographer. You will explain the photo shoot that it's a giveaway you won. After a few poses, get down on one knee and propose. Your romantic proposal will be captured on camera by a pro.

4. Homie proposal: Choose a favorite room in your house or your fiance's house as the proposal location. Cover the walls with pictures from your previous dates and favorite memories. You can also cover the floor with rose petals and place several lit candles to add to the mood.

5. Puppies or kittens: Has your future spouse been wanting a puppy or kitten? How about a bunny? Bring home the pet your fiancée has always wanted with a little note attached to its collar. It'll be a cuteness overload.

What are some of the best proposals you've seen? Tell us in the comments below!

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