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6 things to consider when planning a birthday party for someone else

Birthday parties can be stress-free when you plan ahead of time. Here are six things to consider when planning a birthday:

The birthday peep: What does the person of honor enjoy doing? Does he or she have favorite hobbies that are shared with friends and family? These questions are key to helping the birthday peep enjoy his/her special day. It's important to remember that a birthday party is about the person celebrating another year on earth and it's not about you.

Budget: How much money are you willing to spend? Unlike a business investment, there's most likely little to no return except for the personal satisfaction that comes with making someone's day. Don't feel pressure to go overboard on the budget.

Location: Location, location, location. The location of the birthday part has a lot to do with your budget. Depending on where you choose to host the party, your location of choice will have its own pros and cons. Parks are a fun option because of the open space but you are at the mercy of the weather. Your home is nice because you're familiar with your own space but you risk people breaking things.

Who will be there: Thoughtfully create a guest list that the special person will enjoy being around. After creating a guest list, invite the people on the guest list. Depending on their personalities, you can choose from a few different options on how to invite them like text messaging, a Facebook event invite or email.

Decorations: If your party has theme, roll with with it. Does your birthday person like The Avengers or really like gold and black? Use the birthday person's interests as your inspiration for decorations.

Food and drink: What's a party without food and drink? If you have a bigger budget, you may consider catering the birthday party. If your budget is on the lower, soda with chips and dip may be the best route for you. Always make sure you have something for the birthday guests to drink and nibble on.

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