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3 Perfect occasions for giving a Glowing Ring as a gift

Gift giving has never been easier thanks to affordable, lightweight, glow-in-the-dark Glowing Rings! Here are three perfect occasions* for giving a Glowing Rings as a gift:

Birthday present: Whether the birthday peep in your life is turning seven years old or 77, you have a bunch of Glowing Ring options to choose from. Depending on what the birthday person likes, you could hook him/her up with a green carbon fiber ring or a blue titanium ring.

Anniversary present: By now, you should know your spouse's favorite color and ring size. Whether you choose you to go with the carbon fiber ring or titanium ring, you can trust that the Glowing Ring you give to your other half with handle well with the wear and tear of life. The best part is you don't have to pay the high prices of new wedding ring.

Graduation present: Did one of your siblings or children just graduate from high school or college? Get them a Glowing Ring with their school color! Don't be afraid to ask the graduate what his/her ring size is so you don't mess that up.

*Perfect occasions aren't just limited to three occasions we've listed to above to give a Glowing Ring as a gift. Let us know what other occasions you've thought of in the comments below and you might just win a free Glowing Ring!

Glowing Rings are the affordable, lightweight, perfect glow-in-the-dark rings you need.